LSS Reactor Conference 2014

A Word From Al Shalloway, Conference Chairman

The Lean Systems Society is committed to creating a community which has open discussions of issues that are critical to improving the effectiveness of organizations. These topics include Lean-thinking, systems thinking, organizational development, Agile methods and more. The intention of the Lean Systems Society’s Reactor Conferences are to be a catalyst for year round conversations and collaborations. Prior to each conference, topics from last year's conference will be shepherded by one or more fellows. In addition, new topics for conversation can be started and presented at the upcoming conference. In this manner the Lean Systems Society Conferences live before, during and after the actual dates of the conference. See these topics on our discussion group.

The Reactor Conferences are not intended for fellows only. They are to create a space for fellows and members (attending the conference automatically makes you a member of the LSS for one year) to engage with each other. This is a chance for executives, other practitioners and consultants to engage with thought leaders for three days - not merely attend talks by them.

The general format of the conference is:
I look forward to working and learning with many of you. If not at the conference at least in the discussions preceding it.

"I had a ball at Reactor13. Probably the most gratifying conference I had ever been part of. The combination of brain power, deep knowledge, intellectual honesty and just about the right amount of structure energized me immensely. I can't thank the organizers enough for their labor of love."
- Israel Gat
"Reactor 13 was a stand-out event. Savvy participants, productive working sessions, and challenging topics from diverse perspectives. I learned a lot in 2 days."
- Walker Royce

See the key moments from Reactor 2013

Here are some of the fellows already committed to coming and wanting to work with you:
Jim Sutton Jim Sutton
CEO Jubata Group, Shingo Prize, INCOSE ESEP (Systems Thinking world leaders). Focus areas: Lean, Systems Thinking, Complexity Theory, Innovation, human dynamics.
Want to talk about transforming change-resistant groups, renewing geopolitical areas, gene-splicing systematic innovation into large organizations
  Chris Hefley Chris Hefley
CEO of LeanKit.
Murray Cantor Murray Cantor
IBM Distinguished Engineer leading Rational Software's Analytics Strategy and Contributing Member, Cutter Consortium.
Generally, I will be discussing the practicalities of applying the mathematics underlying lean product flow (such as those described by Don Reinertsen). The discussions will include, but not limited to, dashboards and instrumentation of product flow and process measures for implementing lean for software and systems development. I will also discuss the cultural challenges in helping organizations adopt the principles.
  Curt Hibbs Curt Hibbs
Chief Agile Evangelist, Boeing
Richard Turner Richard Turner
Distinguished Service Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology
I am particularly interested in cross-discipline applications of lean, agile and systems thinking concepts. My daughter is involved with improving safety in Critical Care Units via systems approaches. Her experiences have convinced me that healthcare is just one of many domains where better outcomes could be realized. Agile and lean practitioners have dealt with the issues of enabling change for decades and LSS an ideal community to help.


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